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The 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament: 9 - 25 January 2015 in Wijk aan Zee.

Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will take on some of his biggest competitors at the 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament from 9 - 25 January.

Current world number two and rising star of the chess world Fabiano Caruana, and winner of the 2014 Tata Steel Chess Tournament Levon Aronian will both play at the tournament. They will be joined by Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan and Dutch players Anish Giri and Loek van Wely.

The tournament will take place in its traditional location of Wijk aan Zee, but will also visit other prestigious Dutch venues with satellite events in Rotterdam and The Hague. On 15 January the 5th round of the Tata Steel Masters will take place in De Rotterdam, the recently opened eye-catching building at the waterfront of the River Meuse in Rotterdam, designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas. And on 21 January, the 10th round of the Tata Steel Masters will take place in the recently renovated press centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague.

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is one of the most important events in the chess calendar. The tournament brings together the world's leading chess players and the most passionate amateurs with its grandmaster groups and amateur events.

The world-famous tournament has two main player groups, each with 14 players. They are known as the Tata Steel Masters and the Tata Steel Challengers. Both groups attract world class players and online spectators from across the globe.

Tata Steel is proud of the global standing this tournament has acquired during its long history, and the positive impact it continues to have in the region.

The 76th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament took place from 10 - 26 January 2014. The main tournament location was Dorpshuis de Moriaan in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. But for the first time in history the grandmasters played two rounds on other locations, one in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and one at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

The winner of the 76th Tata Steel Chess Tournament was Levon Aronian of Armenia.

As well as the amateur events, 350 children from schools in the IJmond, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven region took part in a series of simultaneous exhibitions, where a single player competes against multiple opponents at the same time.

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23 Oct 2014 13:42
World Champion Carlsen at Tata Steel Chess Tournament

The 77th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament has a very strong field of competitors, among which world champion Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana (currently the world’s number two player), Levon Aronian (winner of this year’s tournament), Hou Yifan (world champion women) and Dutchmen Anish Giri and Loek van Wely.

23 Oct 2014 13:41
Wereldkampioen Carlsen op Tata Steel Chess Tournament

De 77e editie van het Tata Steel Chess Tournament heeft een bijzonder sterk deelnemersveld, met onder meer wereldkampioen Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana (momenteel nummer twee van de wereld), Levon Aronian (winnaar van dit jaar), Hou Yifan (wereldkampioen vrouwen) en de Nederlanders Anish Giri en Loek van Wely.

28 Jan 2014 23:49
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