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The 78th Tata Steel Chess Tournament: 15 - 31 January 2016 in Wijk aan Zee.

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the international chess calendar. It attracts the very best chess grandmasters in the world, along with thousands of amateur players, live event visitors and online visitors from around the world. 

Like chess, steel making requires strategic thinking to find creative solutions to the complex challenges our customers face. At Tata Steel we are proud of the global standing our chess tournament has acquired during its long history, the impact it continues to have in the region and its positive influence on the game of chess and in inspiring future generations. 

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament traditionally takes place right in the heart of our local community in the coastal village of Wijk aan Zee, North Holland. Since 2014 we now also host two Tata Steel Chess On Tour events at other exciting locations in the Netherlands.

For organisations wanting to leverage this world class event, there are a range of sponsor and partner options outlined in our sponsorship section.

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Latest news

06 Oct 2015 10:43
New visual Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Tata Steel has introduced a new visual for the Tata Steel Chess Tournament today.

06 Oct 2015 10:39
Nieuw campagnebeeld Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Tata Steel heeft vandaag het nieuwe campagnebeeld voor het Tata Steel Chess Tournament geïntroduceerd.

29 Jun 2015 09:54
Permanent veteran spot at Tata Steel Chess Tournament

In cooperation with the ACP, the professional chess players’ union, the Tata Steel Chess Tournament has decided to reserve a spot for a veteran player (45+) in the Tata Steel Challengers for the 2016 and 2017 editions.