International Solving Contest in Wijk aan Zee

27 Dec 2011 - Yochanan Afek

Who will defeat John Nunn?

The ‘International Solving Championship (ISC) will take place on January 29th 2012 -the last day of Tata Steel Chess tournament. The solving championship will be held simultaneously in various countries at the very same time. In 2011 more than 200 solvers from 28 countries took part and the winner was the English GM John Nunn (triple former winner of the Hoogovens, now Tata Steel grandmaster tournament). He will try to defend his title in De Moriaan against tough opponents such as GM Piotr Murdzia (Poland), currently the world’s highest rated solver, GM Dolf Wissmann, Netherland’s highest rated solver and GM Oleg Pervakov, currently the world’s study composing champion. They will all also take part in the study solving day on Saturday January 28th.

The ISC is organized in two categories. The first category is aimed at experienced solvers and comprises two rounds of six problems each: twomover, threemover, moremover, selfmate, helpmate, study. The second category is designed for novice solvers, who have to solve four problems per round two of which are twomovers. Participation is free.

After solving and before the prize-giving you may still enjoy the last round of the Tata-tournament and the live-commentary.

Location: The VIP room in De Moriaan at Wijk aan Zee
Time table:

10:30 – 10:45 hrRegistration
11:00 – 13:00 hrRound 1
13:30 – 15:30 hrRound 2
Around 17:00 hrResults and prize giving

Registration and information No later than 25.1.2012 to: through citing ISC2012. You can also still enter the third study-solving tournament: More information about chess problems can be found at