Tata Steel Masters Playing Schedule

Round 1 - Saturday the 14th
Harikrishna, P. - Aronian, L.½-½
Adhiban, B. - Van Wely, L.½-½
Eljanov, P. - Rapport, R.1-0
Karjakin, S. - Giri, A.½-½
So, W. - Carlsen, M.½-½
Wojtaszek, R. - Nepomniachtchi, I.½-½
Andreikin, D. - Wei, Y.½-½

Round 2 - Sunday the 15th
Aronian, L. - Wei, Y.½-½
Nepomniachtchi, I. - Andreikin, D.½-½
Carlsen, M. - Wojtaszek, R.1-0
Giri, A. - So, W.½-½
Rapport, R. - Karjakin, S.½-½
Van Wely, L. - Eljanov, P.0-1
Harikrishna, P. - Adhiban, B.1-0

Round 3 - Monday the 16th
Adhiban, B. - Aronian, L.½-½
Eljanov, P. - Harikrishna, P.½-½
Karjakin, S. - Van Wely, L.1-0
So, W. - Rapport, R.1-0
Wojtaszek, R. - Giri, A.½-½
Andreikin, D. - Carlsen, M.½-½
Wei, Y. - Nepomniachtchi, I.1-0

Round 4 - Tuesday the 17th
Aronian, L. - Nepomniachtchi, I.½-½
Carlsen, M. - Wei, Y.1-0
Giri, A. - Andreikin, D.½-½
Rapport, R. - Wojtaszek, R.½-½
Van Wely, L. - So, W.0-1
Harikrishna, P. - Karjakin, S.½-½
Adhiban, B. - Eljanov, P.0-1

Round 5 - Thursday the 19th
Eljanov, P. - Aronian, L.0-1
Karjakin, S. - Adhiban, B.0-1
So, W. - Harikrishna, P.1-0
Wojtaszek, R. - Van Wely, L.1-0
Andreikin, D. - Rapport, R.½-½
Wei, Y. - Giri, A.½-½
Nepomniachtchi, I. - Carlsen, M.½-½

Round 6 - Friday the 20th
Aronian, L. - Carlsen, M.½-½
Giri, A. - Nepomniachtchi, I.1-0
Rapport, R. - Wei, Y.0-1
Van Wely, L. - Andreikin, D.½-½
Harikrishna, P. - Wojtaszek, R.½-½
Adhiban, B. - So, W.½-½
Eljanov, P. - Karjakin, S.½-½

Round 7 - Saturday the 21st
Karjakin, S. - Aronian, L.1-0
So, W. - Eljanov, P.½-½
Wojtaszek, R. - Adhiban, B.0-1
Andreikin, D. - Harikrishna, P.½-½
Wei, Y. - Van Wely, L.1-0
Nepomniachtchi, I. - Rapport, R.½-½
Carlsen, M. - Giri, A.½-½

Round 8 - Sunday the 22nd
Aronian, L. - Giri, A.1-0
Rapport, R. - Carlsen, M.1-0
Van Wely, L. - Nepomniachtchi, I.½-½
Harikrishna, P. - Wei, Y.½-½
Adhiban, B. - Andreikin, D.1-0
Eljanov, P. - Wojtaszek, R.½-½
Karjakin, S. - So, W.½-½

Round 9 - Tuesday the 24th
So, W. - Aronian, L.½-½
Wojtaszek, R. - Karjakin, S.½-½
Andreikin, D. - Eljanov, P.½-½
Wei, Y. - Adhiban, B.½-½
Nepomniachtchi, I. - Harikrishna, P.½-½
Carlsen, M. - Van Wely, L.1-0
Giri, A. - Rapport, R.½-½

Round 10 - Wednesday the 25th
Aronian, L. - Rapport, R.1-0
Van Wely, L. - Giri, A.½-½
Harikrishna, P. - Carlsen, M.½-½
Adhiban, B. - Nepomniachtchi, I.½-½
Eljanov, P. - Wei, Y.½-½
Karjakin, S. - Andreikin, D.1-0
So, W. - Wojtaszek, R.1-0

Round 11 - Friday the 27th
Wojtaszek, R. - Aronian, L.½-½
Andreikin, D. - So, W.½-½
Wei, Y. - Karjakin, S.1-0
Nepomniachtchi, I. - Eljanov, P.½-½
Carlsen, M. - Adhiban, B.½-½
Giri, A. - Harikrishna, P.½-½
Rapport, R. - Van Wely, L.½-½

Round 12 - Saturday the 28th
Aronian, L. - Van Wely, L.1-0
Harikrishna, P. - Rapport, R.½-½
Adhiban, B. - Giri, A.½-½
Eljanov, P. - Carlsen, M.0-1
Karjakin, S. - Nepomniachtchi, I.½-½
So, W. - Wei, Y.½-½
Wojtaszek, R. - Andreikin, D.½-½

Round 13 - Sunday the 29th
Andreikin, D. - Aronian, L.1-0
Wei, Y. - Wojtaszek, R.0-1
Nepomniachtchi, I. - So, W.0-1
Carlsen, M. - Karjakin, S.½-½
Giri, A. - Eljanov, P.½-½
Rapport, R. - Adhiban, B.0-1
Van Wely, L. - Harikrishna, P.1-0

General information for Master groups

All rounds in Wijk aan Zee begin at 1.30pm, except for the last round on 29 January 2017, which begins at 12.00pm. Both rounds on the Chess On Tour days start at 2.00pm.

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