Round 3: Eljanov keeps Carlsen at a distance for at least another day


Pavel Eljanov’s fairytale did not come to an end yet during the third round of the 79th Tata Steel Chess Tournament.

With white against Pentala Harikrishna he was worse during the final stage of the game but one inaccuracy of the Indian in the endgame was enough for the Ukranian to save the day.

Because of the draw Eljanov secured first place going into Tuesday’s fourth round. Magnus Carlsen never came close to catching up with him since in his matchup against Dmitry Andreikin nothing much happened.

Richard Rapport could and according to many should have been the hero of the day. With original tactical play he almost pushed number four in the world Wesley So into the abyss. When the American was about to fall Rapport produced two consecutive blunders. The first one cost him the victory, the second one robbed him of the draw. So accepted both presents.

Sergei Karjakin scored his first victory in the tournament against Loek van Wely. The Dutch grandmaster, who brought his son Nicklas on stage prior to the game, lost and a queen against two rooks ending because of Karjakin’s pawn’s on the queenside that could not be stopped.