Another van Foreest to join the elites


Lucas van Foreest did not waste any time on Sunday to make sure that at least one Van Foreest will be representing his illustrious chess family on stage during the 80th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in 2018. 

He beat Lars Vereggen in no time with the black pieces in the final round of the Top Amateur Group. A draw would have been sufficient to take first place but at some point going for the win did not seem to involve any risk any longer, according Dutch champion Jorden van Foreest’s younger brother.

‘Somebody had to step up’, said Lucas after his game. ‘Unfortunately, we cannot rely on Jorden any longer’. And indeed, the older brother did not fare well in this year’s edition of the Challengers section of the tournament. In the last round, Jorden spoiled a winning position against Swedish grandmaster Nils Grandelius only to finish at a lowly 12th spot with a meagre 4 points.

And while their younger sister Machteld once more showed great promise in Wijk aan Zee and one day might be amongst the elite in the Moriaan playing hall, a position on the stage is not within her reach yet. Lucas, however, got there at the first opportunity that came along.

‘I sort of expected to win here. Hell, I played great chess’, he said with a wink of his eye. But he actually did play great chess. There were times that chess pundits claimed the situation was clear: Jorden was, is and will ever be the best Van Foreest. They may think again, however.