Summary Round 4 Tata Steel Chess Tournament


Round 4 of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament once again provided chess fans onsite and those watching online from all over the world with many exciting games and a lot of decisive results.

In the Masters we had what was probably the most awaited game of the tournament as Anish Giri took on Magnus Carlsen with the white pieces. The World Champion surprised everyone by playing the French, but Giri later said he had a feeling Carlsen might play this and was prepared. What ensued was a fascinating battle which eventually ended in a draw. Elsewhere Wei Yi played a great attacking game to overcome Gawain Jones, while Maxim Matlakov beat Hou Yifan in the longest game of the round. Much earlier, Vladimir Kramnik had taken his classical score with the white pieces against Peter Svidler to an impressive 9:1 (excluding draws) after taking advantage of an oversight by his compatriot. Both the all-Indian duel between Adhiban and Anand and the all-American battle between Caruana and So ended in draws, although Caruana came very close to victory in what was a crazy game with incredible complications. Finally, the game between Karjakin and his former second Mamedyarov also ended in a draw. This means that after four round Giri and Anand still lead with 3/4, followed by Carlsen, Kramnik and Mamedyarov on 2.5/4.

In the Challengers we once again had three decisive games, a pattern which has been followed for every single round so far. Both leaders, Vidit and Korobov, maintained their pace to beat Harika and Girya respectively and race to 3.5/4. Meanwhile bottom seed Lucas van Foreest scored an excellent win against second seed Bassem Amin, taking him to 2.5/4 and shared third place together with Dmitry Gordievsky.