Summary Round 6 Tata Steel Chess Tournament


After yesterday’s stormy rest day in Wijk aan Zee (there were winds of up to 140km/hour) the players reconvened at De Moriaan for round 6 of this year’s Tata Steel Chess Tournament today.

There were only two decisive games in the Masters, but they were well worth our while. First of all Wesley So completely turned around his game against Wei Yi. The Chinese handled the complications perfectly until move 26, when d4 instead of Rd4 would have won the game. However, after this slip the American played a series of flawless moves and found himself in a winning endgame. Much later, in the last game of the day to finish, Adhiban-Mamedyarov, we witnessed a similar turn of events as the Azeri player eventually emerged as the winner after 7 hours of play, after having been completely lost. Had his Indian opponent found 42.g3 he would have been very close to winning as moving the knight fails to the very picturesque 43.Rc8+ Kh7 44.Qg6+! fxg6 45.fxg6#. With this victory Mamedyarov has taken the sole lead with 4.5/6, ahead of Giri, Anand and So on 4/6. During tomorrow’s 7th round Mamedyarov will be taking on Hou Yifan while So faces Giri.


Meanwhile in the Challengers Anton Korobov increased his lead to a full point by convincingly outplaying Aryan Tari, while Vidit could only draw against Bok. Incidentally Korobov’s win was the only decisive result of the round, which means the podium remains unchanged: Korobov now leads with a very impressive 5.5/6, ahead of Vidit on 4.5/6 and Lucas van Foreest (who drew against compatriot Erwin l’Ami) on 3.5/6.