Summary Round 9 Tata Steel Chess Tournament


After all the drama from Sunday’s round 8, we only had one decisive game in the Masters today but what a result that was…


It was indeed none other than local superstar Anish Giri who scored the only win of the day, thus taking the sole lead of the tournament with an unbeaten 6.5/9. His victim of the day was Maxim Matlakov, who blundered in what was already a very unpleasant position just before the time control. All other games ended in draws, but Caruana-Adhiban and especially Jones-Hou were very tense encounters. In tomorrow’s 10th round, which will be played in Groningen, the second and last Tata Steel Chess on Tour stop, Giri will take on Karjakin with the white pieces while Carlsen is White against So.


The Challengers meanwhile saw no less than four decisive results. Jorden van Foreest turned around what was a near-losing position to beat Krasenkow, Amin overcame Girya, Xiong punished an unsound sacrifice by l’Ami and in the longest game of the day Gordievsky beat Lucas van Foreest after the latter overpressed a nice position. Elsewhere the two leaders drew their respective games – Vidit after a sturdy defensive effort by Bluebaum and Korobov after salvaging a completely lost position against Harika. These two players thus remain in the lead with 6.5/9, but Bassem Amin and Jorden van Foreest have narrowed the gap to 1.5 points.