Summary Round 12 Tata Steel Chess Tournament


Today’s penultimate round was once again filled with fighting chess and the scene was set for what will be a thrilling showdown tomorrow – the final round starts at 12pm CET, one and half hour earlier than usual.

The day started off with three draws, the first of which was a surprisingly quick draw between Jones and Mamedyarov, but events then sprang to life when Giri won against Adhiban to temporarily take the sole lead of the tournament. However, Magnus Carlsen once again worked his magic to squeeze blood from a stone and convert a minimal advantage in an endgame against Matlakov into a full point. This means that going into tomorrow’s last round Carlsen and Giri share the lead on 8.5/12, while Mamedyarov is on 8/12 and Anand (who drew against So) and Kramnik (who beat Caruana) share 4-5th place on 7.5/12. In tomorrow’s last round Carlsen and Giri will both have the black pieces, against Karjakin and Wei respectively. Mamedyarov will be White against Anand while Kramnik will be Black against Adhiban, which means that theoretically any of these five players could still win the tournament – in case of a tie for first we will have a playoff to determine the winner!


In the Challengers meanwhile Vidit made a serious bid to win the event as he overcame Girya with the black pieces, while Korobov couldn’t get more than a draw against Lucas van Foreest with the white bits. Going into the final round Vidit is thus the sole leader on 8.5/12, ahead of Korobov on 8/12 and Jorden van Foreest (who drew against l’Ami) and Amin (who beat Krasenkow) on 7/12. Tomorrow Vidit will be White against Jorden van Foreest while Korobov is Black against Gordievsky.