Round 3 - Nepomniachtchi storms into the lead!


Round 3 of the Tata Steel Masters was marked by Ian Nepomniachtchi’s victory over his compatriot Vladimir Kramnik – incidentally the first white win of this edition. 

The young Russian is thus the sole leader on 2.5/3, an even more remarkable score given his first three opponents were Giri, Carlsen and Kramnik. Elsewhere Duda scored a comeback win against Fedoseev, while Ding scored another Black win, this one against Jorden Van Foreest. Carlsen meanwhile tried for 131 moves to grind Vidit down in a rook endgame where he was a pawn up, but was ultimately held to a draw.

In the Challengers, Parham Maghsoodloo scored a second consecutive victory (against Kuipers), while Lucas Van Foreest beat Evgeny Bareev to become one of the six co-leaders on 2/3.