Round 4 - Wins for Giri and Vidit, Nepomniachtchi still in the lead


Anish Giri scored a second black win after punishing Rapport for playing too enterprisingly in the middlegame, thus taking his score to 2.5/4 after starting with a loss. 

After three consecutive draws, Vidit won his first ever game in the Masters after taking advantage of Jorden Van Foreest’s mishandling of a bishop ending. Ding and Anand are also on an unbeaten +1 score, but Nepomniachtchi is still the sole leader on 3/4.
Somewhat surprisingly, we had seven draws in the Challengers group today, meaning that the standings remain unchanged.
For tomorrow’s 5th round the Masters group will move to Alkmaar for our first Tata Steel Chess on Tour stop and the games will begin at 2pm CET.