Round 8 - Carlsen and Anand lead going into the second rest day


It was yet another thrilling day of chess in Wijk aan Zee as we got no less than four wins in the Masters, and for once all were scored with the white pieces!

The two main results were of course Magnus Carlsen beating Rapport (and settling the score after his loss from two years ago in the same exact round) and Vishy Anand getting a second consecutive win, this one against none other than Mamedyarov. Since Ding and Nepomniachtichi drew their encounter and Giri drew against Vidit, this means that the current and former World Champions will enter Tuesday’s round 9 (don’t forget that tomorrow is a rest day!) as the two co-leaders on 5.5/8.

The Challengers now have a sole leader as Maksim Chigaev racked up a third consecutive victory, this one against Kuipers, to storm to 6/8. It was also an extremely bloody round elsewhere, as there were no less than five decisive results! Keymer beat Saduakassova, l’Ami overcame Bareev, Lucas Van Foreest took out Paehtz and finally in the clash of the young superstars Esipenko defeated Praggnanandhaa.