Round 9 - Nepomniachtchi joins Carlsen and Anand in the lead


It looked like for the first time there would only be one decisive game in the Masters, but at 8pm Fedoseev scored a late win after tricking Radjabov in a rook ending.

Earlier in the day Nepomniachtchi had outplayed Vidit to join Carlsen and Anand in the lead on 6/9. The Dutch clash between Anish Giri and Jorden Van Foreest was a very interesting affair as it involved a queen sacrifice by Giri, but after the complications cleared the players agreed to a draw.

In the Challengers the top of the standings remained unchanged as the games Kovalev-l’Ami and Chigaev-Esipenko both ended in draws. Chigaev is still the sole leader on 6.5/9, followed by Kovalev and Esipenko on 6/9. Elsewhere Gledura beat Paehtz, Maghsoodloo overcame Saduakassova and Kuipers scored his first win of the event by deciding the other Dutch battle of the day against Lucas Van Foreest in his favour.