Simon de Schaker - a series of adventurous and funny children's books


The exciting and humorous children's books are written by Joyce van der Meijden and published by FC Klap. The books are very suitable for reading yourself (from around 9 years), but also for reading for your (grand)children.

Two books have now been published in the series:

  • Simon de Schaker – Akelige Arnold
  • Simon de Schaker – Oma’s schat

Simon is a tough boy of ten years old with a dream. He wants to become a top athlete, but no striker at Ajax as his father hopes. Simon wants to be just as good a chess player as his uncle Arnold. Uncle Arnold is former Dutch Chess Champion and a very arrogant man, who doesn't want to teach his nephew anything.

Also Judit Polgar, Grandmaster and strongest female chess player of all time, is very enthusiastic about Simon de Schaker. “Playing chess is an extremely efficient tool for improving both emotional and cognitive skills in problem-solving, decision-making and logical thinking. Chess is also great fun! Simon’s story is full of inspiration, revealing the everlasting magical power of this ancient game. Simon encourages young readers to take on challenges and bravely pursue their dream. Just like great stories – chess connects us all.”