Chess grandmasters play football at Telstar FC


A rather remarkable football match will take place at Telstar FC (in Velsen-Zuid) on Wednesday 15 January. Chess grandmasters from the Tata Steel Masters and Tata Steel Challengers will walk onto the field to play a friendly match with players from Telstar FC. It may be a friendly match, but the sportsmen are likely to be fiercely competitive, since that is typical for top players like world champion Magnus Carlsen. Team captains will be Magnus Carlsen and Loek van Wely, chess grandmaster and senator. Van Wely no longer fights Carlsen behind the board, but is bent on beating the world champion on Telstar’s football ground next week.

The grandmasters will arrive at 2 pm. After a warming-up session the match will start at 2.40 pm. People who are interested in seeing the match can take place on the stands free of charge. The grandmasters will play two halves of 30 minutes each and will take a look at the school simultaneous also taking place at Telstar during half-time. The Tata Steel Masters will visit another football stadium on Thursday 16 January, when they will play their 5th round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament at PSV’s Philips Stadium in Eindhoven.