All Tata Steel Masters

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament attracts the very best chess Grandmasters in the world. Visitors to the tournament have witnessed the domination of the biggest names in the chess world including Magnus Carlsen and Gary Kasparov.


The Tata Steel Masters of 2018 will be announced soon. You can find an overview of the Tata Steel Masters of 2017 below.


Tata Steel Masters 2017

GMCarlsen, MagnusNOR28401
GMSo, WesleyUSA28084
GMKarjakin, SergeyRUS27858
GMAronian, LevonARM27809
GMGiri, AnishNED277310
GMNepomniachtchi, IanRUS276711
GMHarikrishna, PentalaIND276612
GMEljanov, PavelUKR275515
GMWojtaszek, RadoslawPOL275018
GMAndreikin, DmitriRUS273624
GMWei, YiCHN270438
GMRapport, RichardHUN270240
GMVan Wely, LoekNED269549
GMAdhiban, BaskaranIND2653102

Average rating: 2751
Category: 21

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