Tata Steel Masters Playing Schedule

Saturday 12 January 2019 - Round 1

Sunday 13 January 2019 - Round 2

Monday 14 January 2019 - Round 3

Tuesday 15 January 2019 - Round 4

Wednesday 16 January 2019 - Round 5 - Chess on Tour Alkmaar

Thursday 17 January 2019 - Restday

Friday 18 January 2019 - Round 6

Saturday 19 January 2019 - Round 7

Sunday 20 January 2019 - Round 8

Monday 21 January 2019 - Restday

Tuesday 22 January 2019 - Round 9

Wednesday 23 January 2019 - Round 10 - Chess on Tour Leiden

Thursday 24 January 2019 - Restday

Friday 25 January 2019 - Round 11

Saturday 26 January 2019 - Round 12

Sundag 27 January 2019 - Round 13

The draw will be announced on January 11th, 2019.


Tiebreak Rules - Tata Steel Masters

In case there are more winners in the Tata Steel Masters, a tiebreak will decide about the player who will win the Trophy. Money prizes will be shared. 

If two players tie for first place, they will play a Tie-break Match immediately after the last round of both sections finishes. The Match will consist of 2 Blitz games with a time-control of 5 minutes per player + 3 seconds for every move played. Colours for the first game shall be decided by a draw. In case of tied result after two games– there will be played a „suddendeath“, decisive game with a time control 6 minutes for the whole game for White player and 5 minutes for the whole game for Black player. Also here, the game´s colour shall be decided by a draw. The White player will need a victory in this game to win the Trophy , while the Black player wins the Trophy by just not losing that final decisive game (so a draw or a win). 

If more than two players tie for first,  only the two first classified players according to the Criteria listed below, shall play the Blitz Match.

There are Criteria, as follows: a) Mutual result (s), b)  SB, c) More number of games with Black, d) Drawing of lots.

There shall be a pause of 3-5 minutes between tie-break games, unless the Chief Arbiter decides