Tata Steel Chess On Tour Eindhoven

Philips Stadium - Eindhoven

Chess On Tour will visit Eindhoven in January 2020. On Thursday, January 16, the world’s chess talents of the Tata Steel Masters will play their 5th round in the Philips Stadium, the home ground of PSV. Around the event special activities will be organized by the municipality and chess associations aimed at young people and chess as a social connecting element. The surrounding municipalities, the business community and Brainport in particular will also be involved in the activities. 

"Top football and top chess, a physical sport and a mind sport. You feel that they are miles apart, but they have more in common than they seem and they reinforce each other", says Myra Rooselaar, chairwoman of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. "In physical sports you need innovative concepts and strategic thinking to reach the absolute top. And conversely, it is important for chess players to be physically fit to be able to deliver top performance. This is how Anish Giri is preparing for important tournaments in Papendal. This link will be discussed at a symposium during the Chess On Tour event in Eindhoven. And where can you do this better than in the Philips Stadium? Furthermore, we will also pay attention in Eindhoven to the role of chess as an activity that can ensure social connection and to the importance of chess for young people."

Stijn Steenbakkers, councilor for economy, Brainport, innovation, education and sport, municipality of Eindhoven: "Where else can Tata Steel Chess on Tour land better than in Brainport Eindhoven? In our region we come up with solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Making smart connections and working together are in our DNA. Thinking like chess fits in seamlessly with this. That is why PSV and Brainport are happy to take on the challenge of making it a great tournament together with the Tata Steel Chess Tournament organization. Last year during the chess school championships I saw with my own eyes how many young chess talents there are here. Boys, but especially girls. We would like to give that potential the opportunity to grow. Chess helps you develop your thinking power. That is even better if you enjoy the game of discovery. That is why the connection between chess and football is a golden combination. For the entire region."

13:45 - Opening Chess On Tour Eindhoven
The official opening of the game day in the Philips Stadium starts with the gong at 14:00 in the presence of all participating international grandmasters. After that, the 5th round will start and you will be able to see the grandmasters in action.


14.00 - Live commentary in English by Tex de Wit and Robert Hess
Tex de Wit and Robert Hess discuss and give their analysis on the games of the grandmasters who play their 5th round in the Philips Stadium.


13:30-17:00 - National School Chess Championship
Which secondary schools will take the National Championship titles this year? Besides the National Championship titles, the young talents will also compete for the Brainport Championship! Are you coming to spot our top athletes of the future?